It may be for their own good, but these loyal companions have lost their trust in you!


“Are you really going to play outside without me?”

Why are we at the vet’s office?”

“You say ‘medical requirement,’ I say ‘HUMILIATION.'”

“The vet AGAIN? I thought you knew how much I hated this place!”

“I thought these boots were supposed to be good for me! I CAN’T EVEN WALK!”

“You’re going to work? Now?! There are cuddles to be had!”

“Weren’t we just here last year? Why are we back again?”

“You told me you were going to carry me if we went for a walk! This is too much work.”

You’ve lost the privilege.”

“Okay so I stand idly for a minute while you hold the door open calling me…and now I’m stuck outside? Where’s the courtesy in that?”

and CLEAN! How could you do this to me?!”

“You said I’d look cute, but all I feel is FOOLISH.”

“I thought we were going to play TOGETHER at the beach!”

“You promise me a new bed and then you let the CAT take it?!”

“I had something else in mind when you asked me to play a game.”

“You said I was the cutest dog in the world, and now you bring THIS THING into my home?”

“There’s just no consideration for my feelings at all!”

I hope you know that.”


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