Browse 15 Stages Of Waking Up. The struggle we all endure.

Hearing that dreaded first alarm.

It really feels like you haven’t even slept.

You begin your first bit of exercise - hitting the snooze button.

It really is too much effort.

And then deciding that you have expended all of your energy.

Realizing that you have now overslept and going into panic mode.

You rush out of bed in such a hurry that you undoubtedly run into something.

Maybe “rush” is too strong of a word.

You also make the all important call.

Now out of bed, you realize walking around tired is a lot like stumbling around drunk.

You finally turn on the light or open the blinds.

The thought, Who needs a life? I have my bed, crosses your mind at least once…

And despite it only being a few minutes, you already miss your pillow.

You’re also a ray of sunshine for anyone that has the pleasure of meeting you in the next hour.

And you begin to think that everyone seems far more awake and cheery than you, it’s almost unnatural…

…when you feel like this.

Then you get coffee…

And finally all is right in the world!

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